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6 Common Air Conditioner Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

Inspecting Air condition noises

What are those strange air conditioner noises? You can tell something is not functioning as it should be. You know how to use your air conditioner, how to clean it, and how to maintain it, but not how to fix it.

An air conditioner will make a familiar noise when it’s turned on and off. It might even emit a humming sound during the summer seasons.

But, which AC noises shouldn’t you ignore? Here are six air conditioner noises that should be cause for you to give the professionals at American Air Cares a call.

6 Common Air Conditioner Noises you Shouldn’t Ignore

1. Hissing Noise

Most of us are not experts on household appliances and technology. However, a refrigerant leak can cause a hissing noise. Air conditioner refrigerant leaks can occur in either a coil or line inside the AC unit. The hole can cause inefficient cooling, and the chemical emitted by the unit can be dangerous to your family. If you suspect any leaks, contact our professional technicians right away if you hear any hissing sounds coming out of your air conditioning unit.

2. Rattling Noise

A rattling noise inside the HVAC unit can be very annoying. It’s also a sign that there’s something wrong with the functionality of your air conditioner. A single worn fan blade might be the cause of a rattling sound. However, worn fan blades will cause AC problems. Another factor that can contribute to the rattling air conditioner noises is loose screws or bolts. The loose screws and bolts can decrease your unit’s lifespan and performance, and possibly lead to costly problems.

3. Clicking Air Conditioner Noises

It’s normal for an air conditioning unit to make a single clicking sound every time it starts up. However, you should get in touch with our HVAC professionals if there are constant clicking sounds. The clicking air conditioner noises can be caused by:

An Obstruction – If you hear a clicking sound that starts slow but builds up over time, there may be something damaging your unit’s blower fan.

The Compressor – There could be a problem with the compressor if the clicking noise is emitting from outside your home.

Electrical Problem – The noise might be caused by an electrical problem if the unit is making a continuous clicking sound but won’t turn on.

4. Buzzing Noise

There are a lot of issues that can contribute to buzzing air conditioner noises. You likely hear the results of:

  • One or multiple loose fan blades
  • A dirty ac condenser coil
  • Loose parts (either screws or bolts)
  • An insecure fan motor
  • Debris inside the unit

These issues should be left for a HVAC professional to fix.

5. Squealing Air Conditioner Noises

A high-pitched squealing air conditioner noises are a bad sign. We recommend switching off the unit right away and calling a HVAC professional service technician. The sound can be due to malfunctioning outdoor fan motors or misaligned fan belt, which needs to be handled right away.

6. Whistling Noise

If your ductwork is leaky, it’ll produce a loud, whistling sound. Worn or improperly installed seals might cause your AC’s ductwork to malfunction. Have your ductwork checked out and repaired for an efficient functioning unit.

Your HVAC unit should provide reliable, quiet, and enjoyable cool air at all times. If your unit emits any air conditioner noises listed on this list, or another noise entirely, it’s best NOT to avoid it and just hope it’ll go away.

American Air Cares provides exceptional air condition troubleshooting, repairs, and replacements services. We have provided air conditioning services in Port St. Lucie, and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Don’t hesitate to contact American Air Cares if you can’t figure out what’s causing the noises in your air conditioner. Call on the experts for any queries regarding your HVAC system or to schedule an appointment today!

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