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Electric furnaces need maintenance

Do Electric Furnaces Need Maintenance?

Although electric furnaces are not as common as heat pumps and natural gas furnaces, they are more common in south Florida than in colder areas

Check for blown fuses

Before You Call About a Broken Heater…

Winter has officially reached south Florida! And with the chilly weather (that to native Floridians can feel downright cold), it’s important that your heater is

Issues with heat pumps

Potential Heat Pump Issues

Similar to all other types heating systems, heat pumps can have issues and malfunction—they just have different types of problems than gas or electric furnaces.

Blankets to keep warm in cold weather

Choosing a Furnace that is Best for You

As the weather starts getting (and staying) cooler, your home heating system is vital to your comfort. If you need to replace your current heating

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