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4 Questions to Ask When Hiring an HVAC Professional

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Air conditioning servicing, repairs, and installation should be handled by a qualified HVAC professional that can be entrusted to preserve the comfort of your home and your wallet. When hiring an HVAC company consider the following questions before making your final decision.

Are they licensed to work as an HVAC contractor?

The complexities of air conditioning systems demand a deep understanding of current technology as well as the diagnostic and analytical skills needed to determine if components are working at optimal levels. Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) requires HVAC contractors to pass two exams, have four years of experience, and carry a minimum level of general liability insurance before becoming licensed. Licenses in Florida can be verified through a licensee search found on the DBPR’s website.

Do they have the right HVAC experience?

Along with the correct licenses and certifications, HVAC contractors should have the right experience coupled with a thorough expertise of the equipment and systems they handle. Homeowners seeking to understand how to gauge an HVAC company’s experience can usually investigate how long the company has been in service combined with the services they offer. Companies older than 15 years will often have master and apprentice level technicians on staff indicating staying power in the industry and the ability to adapt to changing technology.

Can they provide references and/or have good reviews?

Proper qualifications and experience can go a long way, but an HVAC company with great references and reviews will stand head and shoulders above those who provide mediocre service at best. Upon request, an HVAC professional should be able to provide a homeowner seeking additional information with at least 2-3 client references who can attest to their standard of work and pricing structure. Also, seek out reviews of potential contractors through easily accessible sources and websites such as Google and Yelp.

Is the HVAC contractor bonded and insured?

Protecting yourself against poor workmanship and exposure to liability is another key element to consider when hiring an air conditioning and heating professional. Bonded professionals offer the peace of mind that a job will be done well because they stand to lose money if it’s not. A surety bond will help cover items such as damage to property, poor workmanship, and unpaid subcontractors. While the bond helps guarantee that work is done properly, insurance protects the homeowner in the instance of injury or damage that occurs during the course of the job. It is the responsibility of the HVAC professional to maintain and renew bonds and insurance on a regular basis.

Once you have finished answering these questions, it should be easier to determine which HVAC company is the right one to help tackle your air conditioning or heating task. To understand how American Air Conditioning and Heating can answer these questions, call us today. For air conditioning and heating service and repair in Port St. Lucie, call (772) 398-0023. In Martin County, we can be reached at (772) 220-1496.


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