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Air Duct Cleaning

Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned Regularly

Air ducts are a vital component of your air conditioning/heating unit, and maintaining clean air ducts is essential for ensuring your home has high air quality through proper air duct cleaning.

In a typical HVAC system, there is often more than 100 feet of ductwork installed throughout your home to support your air conditioning system. Over time, mold, allergens, and dust build up if not cleaned out of the duct system on a fairly regular basis. When running, the air is pulled into and through the vents, cleaned (or conditioned), cooled/heated, and sent back through the air ducts. As part of this process, the installed air filter blocks dust and dirt from recycling through the system—but it’s important to remember that even the most efficient air filter is not 100% effective and anything that gets through moves through your air ductwork.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning Port St Lucie

  • A more efficient air conditioner, which increases energy savings throughout the year by ensuring the air conditioning system operates at peak performance.

  • Cleaner air and relief for allergy symptoms related to poor indoor air quality.

  • Hiring a professional air duct cleaning service ensures thorough cleaning, which helps maintain good indoor air quality, improve air flow, and could even lower energy bills.

  • A decrease in dust and pet dander on furniture and in your home, which improves the overall performance of the entire system.

  • Regularly having your air ducts cleaned can prevent health issues, improve indoor air quality, and ensure your HVAC system operates efficiently, especially in Florida’s humid climate.

  • Maintaining clean air ducts can significantly improve air quality, reduce symptoms for those with respiratory conditions, and enhance the efficiency of HVAC systems.

What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Air Ducts?

If the air duct is not cleaned properly dust, dirt, or particles can form inside the ductwork. This can result in poor air quality inside your home, causing allergies, respiratory symptoms and even breathing problems. A dirty air duct will also reduce the efficiency and require more energy in the heating and cooling of your home, resulting in higher energy costs. This may even shorten your HVAC system’s life.

A Few Questions to Consider…

  • Do you regularly replace the filter every 30 days?

  • Are you using pleated filters?

  • Do you have pets in your home? This will increase dander and dust particles in your system.

  • Do you burn candles or incense? Some types of candles can contaminate ductwork.

  • Is the coil clean?

  • Do you schedule regular air duct cleaning to maintain your system’s efficiency?

  • Do you schedule routine maintenance for your HVAC systems to ensure they are functioning efficiently and maintaining good indoor air quality?

  • How high are your monthly electric bills?

  • Do you have any specialized equipment? Like a UV Light.

To ensure good air quality and increase your system’s efficiency, schedule an appointment to have an experienced American Air Cares technician deep clean your air ducts as well as your air handler. Hiring professional air duct cleaners ensures thorough and effective cleaning, removing pollutants and optimizing your HVAC system’s performance.

For air duct cleaning in Stuart, Fl, and along the Treasure Coast, call American Air Cares today and receive $89 off your repair. American Air Cares is a family owned and operated company, we are licensed, bonded, and insured, and provide many satisfied customers with CARE – Courteous, Affordable, Repairs, Every time.

What To Expect During An Air Duct Cleaning Service?

An American Air Cares HVAC technician will show up at your scheduled service time utilizing specialized tools and equipment to ensure your dirty air ducts are a thing of the past. When cleaning air ducts, homeowners can expect the technician to perform different jobs including vacuuming the dirty air ducts, inspecting for blockages or damage and removing accumulated contaminants or other particles. The technician will also use special brushes to scrub inside the ductwork to clean out stubborn buildup before vacuuming them out. They will also apply a treatment to sanitize your air duct and air vents in order limit the development of bacteria in the future.

Cost Of Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services In Port St. Lucie FL

Maintenance of air ducts is essential for healthier air and the efficiency of any home. American Air Cares is professional company and we’re available for air duct cleaning to help keep your HVAC system running with optimal performance. The fees for duct cleaning services can vary according to the size of the home, location and complexity of the HVAC system. The average residential duct cleaning job typically costs around $300-800. However bigger homes may require more hours of work, which could increase the overall cost. If you are interested in cleaner air ducts, and would like this work done by an insured air conditioning company, then contact us today at 772-398-0023. With our high customer satisfaction, quality service and affordable price, American Air Cares is your go-to-solution for getting your air ducts clean.

Get 10 Air Ducts Cleaned For $239*

Get 10 ducts cleaned & sanitized for just $239. Hiring American Air Cares, a reputable air duct cleaning company, ensures thorough and professional air duct cleaning services which will significantly improve your home’s air quality and energy efficiency.

Don’t forget, regular air duct cleaning services are essential for maintaining a healthy home environment, removing contaminants to help improve poor air quality, and ultimately protecting your HVAC system.

*Air duct cleaning offer is good for single family, single story residential homes only.


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