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AC Installation

There are many factors to account for when considering the installation of a new air conditioning system. These may include how to manage upfront costs, which system will offer the best lifetime value, and what is the correct size for the unit you may need. American Air Cares has over 100 years of combined experience helping people to answer these questions and lead them to the right decision. With a deep understanding of the features each system has to offer, American Air Cares HVAC professionals will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Our expertise and knowledge of the technology available today will help you save money for years to come. So if you require air conditioner installation services in Port St. Lucie then contact us today. We will help walk you through four primary considerations with the installation of your new system:


Maintaining a constant comfortable temperature while sustaining efficient energy consumption is one of the main considerations homeowners evaluate when choosing to install a new HVAC system. A properly sized system will work more efficiently and produce the desired temperatures without raising your energy bill.


A duct system that is leaky will drain away any potential savings that an efficient system will produce for your home. Our experts will inspect and ensure that no leaks exist between joints or anywhere else within the system.


In order to provide the proper cooling capacity, we’ll make sure that your system has the recommended levels offered by the manufacturer. Systems that fail to meet these charging standards will result in insufficient cooling power and a higher utility costs.

Airflow Speed

Airflow must move through your system at the proper rate in order to meet your temperature needs. If airflow moves either too slow or too fast, your system will be inefficient from the start.

We value the comfort of our customers as well as their families and guarantee the quality of our work. Air conditioner installation is no easy task and requires many steps that range from permit processing to tough electrical work. Rest assured our team can handle it all. Call American Air Cares today to discuss our air conditioner installation services and how we can help fulfill your requirements.


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