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Ductless Air Conditioning – Mini Split System Port St Lucie

American Air Cares offers comprehensive services associated with mini-split air conditioning system installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance in St. Lucie and Martin Counties.

Living in south Florida where a functioning air conditioner is more of a necessity than a luxury, it’s important that the AC system you have in your home is both efficient and addresses all of your cooling needs. American Air Cares is a leading provider of mini-split air conditioning systems along the Treasure Coast for both residential and commercial clients. If you’re ready to install a new high-efficiency ductless system, need maintenance or repair services on your current mini-split AC system, or would like to discuss the benefits of a ductless system, American Air Cares’ experienced and trained specialists are ready to assist.

What is a Mini-Split Cooling System?

A mini-split air conditioner cools your home by delivering cooled air directly to specific zones via wall-mounted indoor blowers instead of through a duct system. A mini-split air conditioner system is made up of a small outdoor unit and multiple indoor wall-mounted blowers (usually four wall-mounted blowers for each outdoor unit).

A key benefit in warmer regions like Martin and St. Lucie Counties is greater control over home temperature, which is achieved because a mini-split AC system is zone-controlled. This means that you can have different temperatures in different zones of your home, ultimately cutting down on wasted energy use.

Mini-Split air conditioning systems are fully customizable, more energy efficient than a traditional AC system with ductwork, and environmentally friendly.

Mini-Split AC System Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

You can count on American Air Cares for professional ductless air conditioning installation services. Our knowledgeable technicians will work with you to make sure that the system you choose is the best fit for the size and layout of your home and your cooling needs.

Just like traditional air conditioning systems, ductless systems eventually need replacing. If and when this time comes and your ductless AC system is no longer functioning at peak efficiency, American Air Cares will evaluate your system to help you determine the best way forward.

If you’re noticing signs your current ductless air conditioner needs servicing, the experts at American Air Cares can help. Typical signs that your system needs repair include failing to keep your home as cool as it has in the past, odd noises while running, and increased energy bills.

Regardless of whether you’re ready to install a ductless air conditioning system or your current system is in need of servicing, call American Air Cares today.


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