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Facts About Your HVAC Unit!

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An HVAC unit is an integral part of most modern homes, especially in places where temperatures can become too hot or cold. Hence, you must know the basic details about the system. Doing so will help you properly run and maintain the unit. You don’t want to feel like you are in either an oven or a freezer!

In a state like Florida, HVAC units are particularly essential to combat the high temperatures of the summers. While HVAC systems are used for a range of uses like heating, cooling and maintaining ventilation, depending on the weather of the place, one functionality may get used more than the others.

In this article, we discuss in detail the basic and necessary facts about your HVAC systems that you should be aware of.

What is a HVAC Unit?

The word HVAC represents the following functionalities- Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

HVAC units are systems that improve and maintain the air quality of any indoor space and create comfortable living conditions. They are not merely heating and cooling units.

HVAC systems circulate the air between outdoor and indoor areas and maintain the ambient temperature so that the occupants feel warm in winter and sufficiently cool in the heat of the summer.

Components of your HVAC Unit

While HVAC units have different makes and models, the basic elements remain the same. There are 3 main components to an HVAC unit and these are as follows-

  • Ventilation- This refers to the function of drawing in fresh air from outside to replenish the oxygen levels inside the building. Older models used to make use of natural ventilation while the newer, more effective HVAC units have a mechanical system of increasing ventilation.
  • Filtering– The air that is drawn from outside needs to be filtered from dust, pollen, and other contaminants before it can be circulated inside. Filters are used for this purpose. These AC filters require regular maintenance and changing for proper functioning.
  • Temperature Control– This mechanism maintains the required comfortable temperature during extremely hot or cold seasons. During winters, heaters warm the circulating air and during summers, air conditioning cools it. Usually, thermostats are used to detect the prevalent temperature and also set the desired temperature of the house. The air is then cooled or warmed as required.

Heating and Cooling Mechanisms of HVAC Units

Most quality HVAC units have components installed both inside and outside the house. A furnace with a fan or coil inside the home heats the circulating air. Similarly, refrigerant coils absorb the heat from the air to cool it as necessary. The appropriately warmed or cooled air circulates through the ductwork of pipes that are present across your home. However, some of the modern units have a split system.  This is not only energy-efficient but also comes with additional features like humidifiers and air purifiers.

Another important requirement for maintaining the optimum functioning of your HVAC units is changing the filters at proper intervals. This is especially necessary for locations like Florida where temperatures can be extreme, thus necessitating the HVAC units to run for prolonged periods in summer.

Professional Experts at AAC

While knowing the basics of HVAC systems is crucial, sometimes looking for AC repair services becomes necessary. It is always advisable to take the help of professionals when it comes to the proper maintenance and repair of your HVAC units.

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