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3 Pros & Cons of Using a Window AC Unit to Keep Cool This Summer

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When the summer heat settles in, it can be hard to keep your cool. Even if your home already has central air conditioning, though, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should take that window ac unit out and put it in the corner of the basement. There are pros and cons to these units, though, and you should keep them in mind before you make your decision regarding keeping your bedroom as comfortable as you can.

For example…

Pro #1: Window AC Units Are Cheaper

One of the major advantages of a window ac unit is that they are worlds less expensive than central air conditioning when you look at the price to operate them. This difference can be thousands of dollars when purchasing new window units over a new HVAC unit, but window ac units are also cheaper to use when you only want to cool a select room in your home.  The installation of central air  wins when it comes to cooling your home as a whole, but if all you need is your bedroom or study kept at a manageable temperature then a window ac unit is often the way to go.

Con #1: They Are A Pain To Install/Uninstall

Window AC units are sort of like screen doors; you put them in when it starts getting warm, and you take them out when it cools off. If you have one window unit, that can be a pain. If you have multiple window units it can make the change of season feel like a nightmare. Not only do you need to get the window AC units settled and in place, though, but you have to make sure you have available storage for them in the off-season. A consideration that sometimes doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.

Pro #2: Window AC Units Are Easy To Find

When it comes to window units, it’s a buyer’s market. There are models everywhere, and they’re available at a variety of stores. When you consider online shopping, it’s possible to find the unit that fits your window, your budget, and the appropriate room size with relatively little effort.

Con #2: They Can Leave Your Home Exposed

We don’t usually think of window AC units as a risk to our security, but that’s precisely what they are. A burglar can simply lift the unit out and sneak into your home. This can make them a problem for those who live on the ground floor and may necessitate bringing the unit inside if you’re going to be out-of-town for any length of time.

Pro #3: Window AC Units Use Less Power

Generally speaking, window AC units use less electricity than central air. They’re more efficient at cooling one room, which is a huge advantage for those with an eye on their carbon footprint.

Con #3: They Have A Limited Effective Range

A window unit can cool off a single room with relative ease, but it should also be noted that these units aren’t good at cooling off more than a limited space. And in order to remain effective, that space needs to be kept isolated with the doors closed, otherwise, the cool air leaks out, making the unit work extra hard.

Use The Right Tool For The Right Job

There are pros and cons to these units, but like any tool, it’s important to be sure you’re using them for the right job. If you’re thinking about trying to boost your home’s coolness this summer by installing window units because your central air doesn’t have the oomph to keep up with the rising mercury, though, you should consider having an HVAC professional evaluate your options first. Sometimes all it takes is a tune-up to get your central air back on track, giving you the power to beat the heat again.

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