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The Air Filter and Your Furnace

Clean & Dirty Air filter

For most homes, it’s usually the tiny parts that create costly and inconvenient issues with your heating and cooling system. One of these small parts that plays a large role in proper system functioningis the air filter.

Did you know that both the AC and heater have filters? These filters are critical in keeping your system as clean as possible and free of debris, dust, and other pollutants. They catch any debris blown in through the duct system while letting the air to flow through and into the system. Therefore, not changing or cleaning the filter as often as necessary can lead to a variety of problems with your heating system.

The primary problem with not replacing a filter often enough is a clogged filter, which cuts off air flow into the heating system and can cause even bigger and potentially more dangerous issues. For example, cutting off air flow into the system will trap the heat in the system and cause the furnace temperature to reach unsafe levels. When this happens, the limit switch is activated and the system shuts off to prevent overheating or equipment damage. When the system cools and turns back on, it will continue to overheat and shut off—this type of behavior is “short cycling” and will cause wear and tear on the system’s components if it continues. In addition, short cycling will waste energy and dramatically decrease system efficiency and output because the furnace isn’t able to distribute the heated air during the cycle.

If you think that your system is short cycling, be sure to check your air filter and change it if necessary. If that doesn’t work, call American Air Cares technician today for a service visit.


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