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Is It Too Late in the Year for AC Maintenance?

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Although it may not feel like it along the Treasure Coast, summer is over and it’s officially fall. But this doesn’t mean that if you missed a springtime air conditioner maintenance visit that it’s too late. It’s NEVER too late for a maintenance check and cleaning, especially in south Florida where it feels like summer nearly year-round.

There are benefits to regular maintenance, even in the fall.

Typically, it’s recommended that maintenance visits occur in the spring because it’s important to ensure the system is running in tip-top shape before the high temperature and humidity that come with a Florida summer are in full force. Like anything else, the ideal time to perform preventative maintenance is right before heavy use, similar to getting a car serviced before a road trip. Therefore, because AC systems are running constantly during the summer, it’s important that they’re serviced and ready to handle the upcoming usage demand. Sometimes, however, time gets away from us and we forget to schedule a spring maintenance visit. If this is the case, it’s not necessary to wait until next year before calling and scheduling an appointment.

Regular preventative maintenance is vital to the well-being and life expectancy of your air conditioning system—and should be done once a year, at minimum. In addition getting your system ready for a busy summer season, maintenance service visits help you to identify potential complications before they become real problems and cost you unnecessary time and money to fix.

Call American Air Cares today to schedule your preventative maintenance service visit and make sure your system is ready for the winter season.


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