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HVAC Money Saving Tips for Florida’s “Winter”

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If you look at any weather map this week, it appears as if Jack Frost has forgotten all about us this year. But that doesn’t mean that colder days aren’t coming and that we won’t need to flip the switch from “Cool” to “Warm” sometime in the next month or so. It’s important to remember that although winter in Florida may be short, a well-maintained system can keep utility costs down this season. Similar to your annual pre-summer AC cleaning, regular maintenance of your heating unit is a must. Below are additional cost-savings tips for a Florida winter.

Winter Money-Saving Tips

  • Install a programmable thermostat so you can “set it and forget it.” A programmable thermostat allows you to pre-set your preferred temperatures to match your schedule, keeping the house cooler when you are away and bringing the temperature back up when you’re home.
  • Running your HVAC around the clock during the day when you are not home can have a big impact on your energy bills. Just a few degrees can make a big difference in your utility bill—so keep the temperature set on the lowest comfortable setting and break out those few sweaters you have at the back of your closet.
  • Use ceiling fans in the winter to distribute the heat around a room.
  • Make sure you have the thermostat set to “Auto” mode. Leaving the fan on “On” can significantly add to your monthly heating costs.

Incorporating just a couple of these energy-saving tips into your day in addition to keeping up with regular maintenance can make a noticeable difference this winter. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat and want help installing one, just call American Air Cares and set up an appointment. Our technicians are ready to help.


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