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Common AC Questions Answered – Part 2

Common Ac Questions

In addition to the previous list of air conditioning questions, we’ve compiled a second part to common ac questions customers may have.

When should I replace my air conditioner?

There are some factors that determine whether or not you need to replace your HVAC unit. Consider the age of the air conditioner. The normal life expectancy of an air conditioning unit is between 10 to 20 years, depending on how well the unit is cared for. It can also become less energy efficient due to the wear and tear as well as age. Another sign to look out for is leaking refrigerant. There are multiple issues that come along with refrigerant leakage like the compressor failing to respond. The last factor to take note of is the costs of repair. If your repair costs are more than around $3500, then you should look into a replacement.

Air is not coming out of the registers

If you turn your thermostat on but do not feel or hear the HVAC system, then it could be the fan in the outside unit. If this is the case, the breaker may be the culprit. Simply reset the circuit breaker and see if that does the trick. If the fan isn’t the issue the check the blower belt. The blower belt may need to be replaced. If neither are the problem, give your local technician a call to schedule an appointment.

A strange noise is coming from the ac

An air conditioner makes noise by nature, but if you hear anything out of the ordinary then you need to check the belt. If it is making a squeaking sound, then it may have been aligned incorrectly or may need to be replaced. If there is a grinding noise, then it indicates that the motor’s bearings are the issue.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact American Air Cares, our HVAC professionals are trained and provide the best quality of service for all your air conditioning service needs.


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