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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Thermostat?

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Most homeowners know when it’s time to replace and upgrade their heating and AC systems—about every 15 to 20 years, depending on the system and maintenance care over the years. But do you know when you need to upgrade your AC thermostat? Usually, the thermostat is replaced each time the heating/cooling system is replaced. However, it is better to replace it sooner if it is not working properly. The newer AC thermostats also give you options that the old ones do not. The thermostat is the primary system responsible for controlling the HVAC system.  This means that the efficiency rating and size of the unit won’t matter much if your thermostat is unreliable or faulty.

New Technology

As the technology for heating and cooling systems advances, so does the technology for thermostats. This means that if you’ve installed a new AC system your old thermostat might not be able to operate it as well as a newer thermostat would. Also, depending on your needs and budget, there are a variety of thermostats to choose from, including manual, digital non-programmable, programmable, wireless, learning, and communicating that could be a very helpful addition to your older system.

Just like the heating and cooling systems they control, they begin to show wear and tear and become less effective. Their efficiency decreases as they are not able to accurately detect the temperature in your home. If this occurs, the system does not heat or cool your home properly. Upgrade your AC thermostat before the AC system starts to malfunction. This is the best way to prevent more serious issues from occurring and requiring an emergency service visit.

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