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Getting to Know your AC Drain Pipes

Ac drain line clog cleanout

Your home’s AC unit does more than just cool the air—that’s why it’s called an air conditioner. Conditioning or cleaning the air is more involved than simply replacing warm air with cool air. Dehumidifying the air is just as important, if not more so here in south Florida. Damp air feels warmer and takes more energy to cool, in addition to potentially causing mildew or mold growth within your home. But, where does all that moisture pulled out of the air go? Usually, the condensate drain pipe empties the water outside or even into the sewer system.

Florida: Humidity Epicenter

In drier climates with low humidity, typically about 5 gallons of water a day are drained. But, here along the Treasure Coast where it’s fairly humid year round, as much as 20 gallons a day can be drained!

Most AC units have both primary and secondary condensate drain lines. If and when there is a clog in the primary drain line, the collector pan overflows and the back-up line drains the water to an obvious location to warn homeowners that there’s a clog. Usually, the lines are clogged due to a buildup of algae. Because the drain line isn’t consistently draining, algae grow where the moisture stays behind and clings to the inside of the line, ultimately causing a backup or a clog.

It’s important to keep both lines clog-free to guarantee against overflow and potential property damage, typically in the form of water damage to the floors, ceiling, or walls. If you need your pipes checked for algae buildup or flushed out and sanitized out after you’ve noticed a leak, American Air Cares has skilled technicians able to handle your system’s needs.

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