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Should Your Next Thermostat Be a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostat

You’re thinking about replacing your thermostat. What comes next? Perhaps you are thinking of upgrading to a smart thermostat. Consider some of these important elements.

There are Different Types of Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats come in a number of different forms. At the most basic level, you have programmable thermostats: thermostats that can easily be programmed to your usual schedule. If the members of your family work predictable schedules and jobs, a simple programmable thermostat could be all you need: allow the temperature to drift a few degrees higher or lower while you’re not at home, depending on the weather, and you can save as much as 1% of your energy bill for each degree you allow the temperature to change for eight hours.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have truly smart thermostats: thermostats that are connected to WiFi, controlled by your smartphone or another device, and can help adapt to your schedule. Smart thermostats may also include sensors that let them know whether there are people in the house, adapt to your schedule based on the times when you’re normally away from home, and help with energy-efficient settings.

What Type of Thermostat is Right for You?

You’re thinking about installing a smart thermostat in your home, but how can you tell which one you really need? Here are a few things to think about.

Do you work on a predictable schedule?

If your schedule is easy to predict, you may be content with a programmable thermostat, especially since you can always make manual changes to the thermostat.

Do you want to be able to control your thermostat from wherever you are?

Smart technology can allow you to change the settings on the thermostat from your phone or computer if, for example, you realize that you’re going to get home early, which can ensure that your home is the perfect temperature when you get there.

What does your budget look like?

Your budget may determine the type of thermostat you can afford to install. Programmable thermostats will be priced lower than smart models with all the bells and whistles.

What are the Benefits of a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats come complete with a number of advantages that make them well worth the investment.

You can count on cost savings. With a programmable or smart thermostat, you can save a substantial amount on your energy bill over the course of the year by changing the temperature in your house when no one is home. Over time, those savings can add up–not to mention the fact that you won’t be using energy unnecessarily. While there may be an initial installation expense, you can, over the lifetime of your device, save a great deal of money.

You can customize your settings to your specific needs. Are you going to be away on vacation? If there are no pets in the house, you can allow the temperature to change substantially. Even with pets at home, you can allow minor fluctuations in temperature that might not be as comfortable if you were actually in the house.

Smart technology makes it easy to alter the temperature according to your needs. Stuck in bed and unable to walk past the sensors that let your thermostat know that you’re home? With a WiFi enabled device controlled by an app, you can easily adjust the temperature from your bed, keeping you cooler and more comfortable.

Are you considering the advantages of a smart thermostat for your home? Ready to begin the installation? Contact us today for air conditioning service in Port St. Lucie, and surrounding areas, and to learn more about our smart thermostat options and how they might impact your AC unit.


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