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Air Conditioning and Other Ways of Controlling Your Indoor Climate

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The outdoor weather conditions in Florida change from one season to another, but heat is generally the culprit. For instance, the humidity can be extreme in the summer and low during winter. Thanks to technology, you can maintain the indoor climate of your home despite the changes in outdoor conditions. Extreme indoor temperature and humidity can cause health problems and discomfort. They can also cause damage to furniture, clothes, and other items in the house. Try out the following tips to keep your indoor climate in check throughout the year.

Humidity Control

Extreme indoor moisture comes with a myriad of problems. If the moisture is too low, the skin might become dry and develop cracks. A low humidity level also increases the susceptibility of the house’s occupants to respiratory infections. High humidity causes molds, peeling of paints, and damages electronics. So what is the ideal humidity level? Experts recommend 30-50%. The humidity level is considered too low if it falls below 30% and too high if it rises above 50%. Signs of high humidity include condensation on window panes and molds. Indicators of low humidity are cracked or peeling paint and increased static electricity. If you are very meticulous, you can buy a hygrometer to determine the humidity levels accurately or call American Air Cares to determine that for you.

Tips for Maintaining Ideal Humidity in Your Home

  • Install dehumidifiers when the humidity is high and humidifiers when the moisture level is low.
  • Have expert technicians check if your AC system is the right size.
  • If the humidity level is high, turn on the exhaust fans when cooking and bathing. However, if the conditions outside are dry, open the windows to ensure free air circulation.
  • To keep the humidity level low, reduce the amount of moisture you introduce in the house by closing the bathroom door while bathing and cooking in covered pots.

Temperature Control:

If your HVAC system is working right, you shouldn’t expect seasonal changes in air conditioning; the system should maintain the ideal temperature range throughout the year. If the HVAC system has problems, it consumes a lot of energy and causes unbalanced heat distribution.  Some areas in the house are colder or hotter than others. The inefficiency of the HVAC system can be caused by aging, blocked air vents, leaking ducts, or furnace failure. If you have problems with your indoor temperature control system, try out the following tips.

Unblock Your Air Vents:

Blocked air vents impede free air circulation. When air encounters a blocked vent, it will find an escape route elsewhere. Furniture and textiles in the house could be blocking the air vents. Airborne material such as dust and animal fur can also block air vents. If you notice an unbalanced temperature in the house, check if all the vents are open.

Keep the Fan ON Rather Than AUTO:

In most HVAC systems, you can change the fans settings between ON and AUTO. AUTO means the fans will only run when the furnace is heating or cooling the house. ON keeps the fans running all the time. AUTO setting can cause hot or cold spots within your home due to uneven distribution of air.

Inspect Your Air Ducts:

Air ducts can crack due to high air pressure in them. When the ducts leak, they strain the air system and cause uneven heat distributions. It is usually wise to have a professional inspect the ducts if you think you might have leaks.

Insulate Your Attic:

A well-insulated attic shields your house from the outdoor climate. It also prevents cool air from escaping.

Consult AC Repair Experts

HVAC systems play a prominent role in regulating the indoor climate in your home. If you are not comfortable with the humidity and temperature levels in your room, we can inspect your home to identify the causes. We are home-owned and operated, and state-licensed air conditioning and heating specialists. We have been in business for more than 20 years. Why don’t you contact us today, an excellent air conditioning service in Port St. Lucie, and surrounding areas?

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