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AC Enhancers and Humidity Controls

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Many people think the job of an AC system is to remove humidity. While an air conditioner does remove some humidity, the system is primarily designed to cool the air. If more humidity can be removed from your environment you will feel cooler, even at a higher temperature setting.

It is recommended that indoor relative humidity should be approximately 60% at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this is very hard for many systems to achieve.

What is an AC Enhancer?

An AC enhancer is installed between the condenser and the evaporator. It allows the condenser to start cooling down the coil early, before the blower activates. Because the coil is already being cooled, the enhancer keeps the moisture that is sitting on the coils from blowing off and back into your environment.

Why an AC Enhancer?

The beginning and end of an air conditioning cycle is where the problem arises. Most of the moisture that the unit has gathered sits on the coils and is blown back indoors when the system cycles back on. This makes the unit struggle against itself.

An air conditioning enhancer allows your unit to function more efficiently, helping to save energy and costs.

Humidity Controls

One solution would be a whole house dehumidifier. These do take care of the problem, but they don’t address the inefficiency of the AC system. Also, whole house humidifiers are quite costly. Another point to consider is that the dehumidifier could be a good portion of your utility bill, perhaps as much as 10%.

Another route is utilize a dehumidifier heat pipe. Most HVAC systems can be retrofitted with these components. Coolant in the tube pre-cools the air that enters the system. This air is cooled even more in the system, allowing your unit to perform efficiently. These will use a little more energy to achieve the job. That could be offset, though, by the ability to set your indoor temperature a little higher.

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