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The Benefits of UV Tubes

Blu UV Lights

While proven results have been shown for keeping air ducts clean and filters changed, the use of ultraviolet light tubes in air conditioners has also shown to be a further help in the removal of mold and bacteria in the air flow.

Use of Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light was first proven useful by Niels Finsen in 1903 as a treatment for tuberculosis. Since then ultraviolet light use has spread through, especially, the medical and food manufacturing environments, helping to remove and keep at bay both germs and mold.

The introduction of ultraviolet light to the air conditioning industry has given us another tool to provide cleaner air to the public.

In Your Home or Business

With work, school, leisure activities and home life, many people spend about 90% of their time indoors, making the climate that the air conditioner supplies extremely important.

While Florida humidity presents a great environment for mold and bacteria to grow, we also know that they thrive in moist dark places such as duct work. Ultraviolet light powers through the cell walls of mold and bacteria to prohibit their reproduction, effectively stopping growth. The introduction of ultraviolet light to an air handler will work to kill the mold and bacteria that are present and serve to prevent new growth. Halting these invaders will also aid in the reduction of colds and flu, and reduce odors.

Cleaner air for your family and employees helps to reduce allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

Energy Use

Reducing buildup on coils and preventing algae growth in drain lines all work towards a more efficient HVAC system. An efficient system uses less energy and can contribute towards savings in utility bills.

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