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DIY Ideas to Hide Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit

Stone wall around AC unit

Do you ever want to hide your AC unit? It’s not very pretty hulking outside your home. But how did we ever live without air conditioning? Installing a powerful outdoor A/C unit can dial the stifling heat of a summer day down to the comfortable cool of early spring. And here are some ideas to make its appearance more palatable.

Outdoor A/C units are perennial roadblocks for home gardeners and landscapers. It doesn’t matter if your lawn is immaculate and your house is bordered with rose beds. Your outdoor A/C unit will still be sticking up in the middle of your perfect lawn like a big, square sore thumb. You can hide it with a blind from a garden or hardware store, but those can be expensive. Besides, they often look mass-produced and not much homier than the unit itself. Luckily, there are customizable DIY solutions that can be realized for a fraction of the price. The trick is to hide the unit from view without blocking its airflow or making it inaccessible for servicing. The outside condenser unit also needs to be well maintained. Here’s some inspiration from around the web on how to hide your outdoor air conditioning unit.

Cedar slats

Here’s a blog post from a homeowner who made a blind out of cedar slats, outdoor-ready adhesive, and wood screws. He built it in an irregular zigzag shape to cover his electric meter, too, so you probably won’t be able to use the exact pattern he used. However,  you can use it as a rough template if you’re looking for a cover for all your utilities.


This bricklaying company makes a rustic stone or brick cover for the air conditioner. You can use it as inspiration for an easy DIY dry-stone screen. If your house has stone or brick siding, you may be able to find matching pavers for a unified, put-together look. Or just choose a stone you like the look of and embrace the mismatch.


Here’s a blog post from a couple who made a modernist-style slatted blind out of two-by-fours. The sides of the blind are hinged together with steel rods for easy folding. Unfortunately, the couple, who live in Indiana, found that the untreated wood didn’t stand up well to winter weather. They only use the blind in summer. In Florida, it might be effective year-round.

The Mosaic Screen

Looking for a way to jazz up a plain, white, wooden fence? How about using broken multicolored glass and clear silicone epoxy to make a mosaic? It’s a great way to show off your creative prowess and make a unique piece of art without losing the structure neatness of the white fence. Bear in mind that, because this cover is solid and not slatted, it can only cover two sides of your unit. It won’t look as good from every angle as it does from the street, but it also won’t mess with your unit’s air intake.

The Obelisk Option

What would you think if you were in a backyard in the suburbs of Detroit, MI, and you saw a seven-foot-tall wooden obelisk? Would you think it was a combination A/C unit cover and tool shed? Probably not — and that’s just what the homeowners are counting on. Remember that hiding an eyesore doesn’t necessarily mean playing it down. If you think outside the lines, you might realize you can turn yours into an unusual decoration, too.

Why not get started on a unique do-it-yourself cover to hide your outdoor air conditioner today? It’s a fun project to do around your house, and it can make you appreciate your outdoor air conditioner all the more by letting it match the mood of the rest of your landscaping.

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