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The Benefits of Heat Pumps

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Although it’s only January and technically winter has just started, the temperature has been unreliable as of late—some days are really hot, some are comfortable, and a few have been a little chilly. But warmer weather will be here before we know it. The intensity of a Florida summer can be made bearable by keeping your home cool and comfortable. Sometimes, though, keeping it at your ideal temperature can feel nearly impossible—especially after you get your electric bill. If this sounds familiar, a heat pump might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

How Heat Pumps Work

A heat pump works by effectively using the heat transfer process to keep your home at your desired temperature. During warmer weather, it works in the same manner as a traditional AC unit, where hot air is removed from your home and cooler air is pumped back in and distributed by your air ducts. What makes heat pumps great for South Florida is that they are a cost-effective solution for heating your home during the short, mild winters. In the winter, heat pumps reverse the cooling process by pulling the heat still in the air into your home where it is distributed by the air duct system. The best part? Just a small amount of electricity is used to keep your home comfortable during the winter months through this heat transfer process, saving you money and wear and tear on your unit.

It’s important to remember that just like AC units and air ducts, heat pumps require the same level of skill for installation, repair, and maintenance. Call American Air Cares to discuss the potential benefits of installing a heat pump in your home. Our state-certified, licensed, and insured air conditioning and heating specialists are here to help you stay comfortable without breaking the bank.


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