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Insightful Tips To Make Your Air Conditioner Run Colder

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People who live outside Florida might scoff at the idea of our harsh summers, but as the residents of St. Lucie and Martin counties, we know better. Calling our summers “hot” is a lot like calling the Pacific Ocean “damp.” With our exceedingly hot summers, you need ac tips and tricks on how to survive the debilitating heat and how to keep cool while still saving on energy. People try out different steps to cope with the summers. Some wear light clothes, use ceiling fans, go out for a movie or caulk their windows! However, the wise homeowner engages a reliable HVAC contractor for an AC tune up.

In this article, we will highlight crucial yet easy steps you need to take to ensure that your AC runs smoothly, providing you with the comfort you need.

However, it is worth noting that an air conditioner cools your home by driving out the warm air, not by adding coldness. Once the heat has been extracted, there is only room for cold air left. And while it’s nearly impossible to make your AC outperform its manufacturer’s specifications, it is possible to ensure it works optimally without falling below its rated capacity. Besides getting your air conditioning tune up, some of the tips to ensure it runs maximally are listed below.

1. Calling an HVAC Professional

When the summer season strikes the pavements in St Lucie, your AC needs to be superior, top-notch, and reliable enough to beat the heat. To ensure your AC comfortably meets the following conditions, it needs to be inspected, cleaned, and tuned by an HVAC professional.

Routine maintenance will have your HVAC working to its optimum, offering you the much-needed breeze during the summers.

2. Clean Your Air Conditioner Filter

If your air filters have been in operation for too long and you haven’t cleaned them, you are missing out on the easiest step to make your AC run cooler. During the summer, dirt and dust particles circulate more in your home, clogging your AC’s filters.

Clogged ac filters force your AC to work harder to provide you with the comfort you need, hence significantly reducing its efficiency and longevity.

3. Place Your Window AC in a Strategic Position

If you are using window units, adding a unit to any room will definitely address your cooling needs effectively for that room. Still, most homeowners fail to realize how the room itself plays a vital role in determining the AC’s effectiveness.

Rooms that receive a lot of direct sunlight should be the priority when addressing your cooling needs. However, placing the AC in the hottest room is actually counterproductive. If you place it in your home’s hotspot, it will work too hard and will not efficiently distribute the cool air.

Besides, you should be cautious when choosing a location to place the window unit. Don’t put your AC behind any furniture or indoor obstructions since they make your AC inefficient by reducing air circulation.

4. Weatherize Your House

You don’t want to cool your whole neighborhood. You want cold air to stay in and hot air to stay out. Essential home weatherization tips can save prevent cool air loss when you need it the most. Some weatherization tips include:

5. Feel the Breeze from the Fans

If your home is equipped with ceiling fans, set them to run counter-clockwise to push the cool air down. This makes your home more comfortable and reduces the burden off of the AC.

6. Find and Fix Air Leaks 

Gaps and cracks in your home allow hot air to infiltrate in your home during summer (and escape during winter). Gaps around indoor moving surfaces like doors and windows can be closed with adhesive weather-stripping tape to retain the cool air inside. Sealed cracks will ensure your AC works maximally hence making it more refreshing.

7. Turn off Your Power Attic Ventilators

If you have power attic ventilators, ensure you always disconnect them. They may also be potential culprits that rob you of your much coveted fresh air. Lost air makes the AC work more, thus the inadequate supply of cool air.

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