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Energy Savings During Winter Months

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While Florida winters are not full of snow, you may still find yourself turning the temperature of your air conditioning unit up higher than normal. Because Florida weather can be unpredictable, knowing what to set your thermostat on can be tricky. The goal is to save energy during the cooler months while still being comfortable in your home. So, we came up with a few tips on how to reduce the consumption of energy in your home during this winter:

Use the Sun as Your Heater

Instead of quickly adjusting your thermostat, open up your curtains and let the sun shine through. The natural heat from the sun will warm your home up for free. Be sure to only draw the blinds on windows that are directly facing the sun in order to get the maximum amount of heat. Don’t forget to close your curtains once the sun has set in order to keep the heat in.

Add Insulation

If you’ve ever noticed your home not heating or cooling properly, lack of insulation could be the culprit. Insulation keeps the heat from escaping your home. If you notice warm air seeping in your home during spring and summer and cold air entering in your home during fall and winter, then having your insulation replaced may help with any air leaking out. Insulating your attic can also save you more money by not having to adjust your ac unit frequently.

Program that Thermostat

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, certainly think about investing in one now or in the near future. A programmable thermostat can make your home more efficient by improving the comfort of your home though an easy-to-use thermostat. You can program the thermostat to your desired temperature when your home, and set it to a lower temperature during the times you are not.

Don’t Forget About Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are mostly used to cool you down on those hot summer days, but did you know it can also be used to warm you up as well. Normally, ceiling fans spin counter-clockwise, which pushes warm air up. But, if you set your fan to spin clockwise, the fans will push the warm air down, giving you the warmth, you desire. There should be a switch located on the ceiling fan that controls the direction of the fan blades. Using the fan also helps with better air flow.

For more tips on how to preserve energy during the winter, visit our blog. Our expert, friendly and experienced staff will be more than happy to speak with you about our air conditioning service in Port St. Lucie and surrounding areas, and to assess your household’s needs.


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