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Buying AC Systems Online May Mean Buying Major Problems

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Sometimes, buying products online is a great idea. That is not a great idea if you purchase an AC system or parts online. An increasing number of AC manufacturers, suppliers, installers, and repair persons are issuing strong warnings against purchasing AC systems or parts online.

Buying an AC system online is buying problems… big ones. The purchase price may be lower than buying a system from a licensed HVAC supplier, but there will not be a warranty for parts and operation. Warranties come from manufacturers; buying an unknown system online will not include a warranty because the system was not prepared by an authorized manufacturer.

What licensed HVAC professional would agree to install an AC system with questionable construction and quality? No professional! As many HVAC professionals know, a system bought online may not be the correct size and R value for the consumer’s home; may be unsafe to install; may be dangerous to operate; and may use refrigerants that are incompatible with the system’s lubricant, or may impede the system’s capacity and efficiency.

Licensed HVAC professionals caution consumers in the strongest terms possible: Do not purchase any AC system or parts online. Only purchase AC systems and parts from a reputable dealer and have them installed by a licensed HVAC professional. Following that advice, the consumer will have a system that is the correct size for the living space; will have a system with an authorized manufacturer’s warranty; will be assured the installation was correct; and will save money in the short-run and the long-run.

When you need a new AC system, you should contact professionals to help you decide what brand, what size, and what cost. This will help you avoid problems with installation, maintenance, and costly repairs. Like the team at American Air Conditioning and Heating, licensed dealers, installers, and repair people stand behind the brands they sell and install, and more important, stand behind their work!


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