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Why Is Your AC Unit Running Continuously?

AC system running up electric bill

Florida weather can be tough, especially during summer. If you are spending a hot day indoors, it can be comforting to cool your home using your A/C system. Ideally, your AC unit should run for fifteen minutes per cooling cycle. You need to be worried if your unit runs anywhere above 30 minutes per cycle, especially if the AC runs continuously. One result of having your unit run for this long is hefty energy bills.

While your home needs to be cooled, it shouldn’t lead to skyrocketing energy bills. Second, having an A/C unit that runs continuously is a telltale sign that your unit could be damaged. If you fail to fix the issue early on, the damage could spread to the rest of the unit, making it costlier to fix or replace it.

Here are four reasons why your unit could be running continuously:

Your Unit is Improperly Sized

When choosing the right air conditioning system, you should pay attention to the size of your unit. If you have an A/C unit that is too small, your home will not get efficiently cooled. However, your unit will work overtime, which could result in wear and tear of the system. For such units, you could have to fix or replace them often.

The same issues can result from using the wrong duct size. Unless you use ducts that are at par with the A/C unit size, the ducts will struggle to distribute cool air or handle airflow. Pay attention to the size of your unit and its ducts to avoid this problem.

You Haven’t Changed or Cleaned Your Air Filter in a While

How often do you replace or clean your air filter? If it has been longer than you would like to admit, this is the main issue. With time, your A/C unit’s air filters are bound to hold onto dirt and dust. This accumulation restricts airflow.

Having a clogged air filter will mean your machine will work overtime to control your room temperature. Your unit could overheat, resulting in it breaking down. Be sure to replace or clean your air filter once each month, or follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Your Thermostat Isn’t Working properly

If your thermostat isn’t functioning properly, the chances are that your room will reach the desired temperature, but the A/C unit will continue running. This is because the thermostat won’t register the changes in temperature.

You can test this out by placing a thermometer close to your thermostat while your A/C unit is running. If the thermometer reads the desired temperature, yet the unit is still running, you have an issue with your thermostat.

Although thermostats tend to be quite reliable, they can run into issues from time to time. Consider turning your A/C system off at the appropriate circuit breaker before turning it back on. If the issue persists, you might have to replace the thermostat.

Poor Insulation and Air Leaks

In case your home’s insulation is leaking, you are likely to lose the cool air being pumped into it. Leaks can occur in the form of small holes or non-insulated walls. As long as you are losing this cool air, it will be tough for your home to reach the desired temperature. This often results in the A/C running for longer than needed. The trick is to ensure that your home is sealed enough to prevent these leaks. If the issue is its insulation, work with a contractor to improve it.

All the above issues can turn your A/C unit into a money and energy guzzler. While it will cost you more to keep the unit running for longer per cooling cycle, the issues could damage your A/C system. The good thing is that spotting them early can be quite easy. Give American Air Cares a call. We will be happy to answer any of your concerns.


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