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Signs Your AC May Need Repair

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For many homeowners, we only really notice that our AC unit isn’t working when it, well, stops working. We all know that when an AC system isn’t working properly, it isn’t pushing out cold air and your home—especially here in south Florida—gets more humid and uncomfortable. But, many homeowners forget that their system can still be broken, even if their home feels cool. The tips below outline some problems to be on the lookout for concerning your AC unit. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, it’s time to bring in the professionals for a system check-up.

Higher than Usual Utility Bill

A higher electricity bill, one that is completely out of the normal range for you usage, is potentially indicative of a system that isn’t functioning properly. An inefficient system or one with a broken part may still be blowing cold, but it has to work harder and longer to do so—ultimately costing you more on a monthly basis.

Something Smells

Air coming from the vents of a well-functioning AC unit should be relatively odorless. If there is a nasty smell when your system kicks on, you have a problem. A metallic smell might mean that some of the wire insulation has been burned. A musty smell could be indicative of mold growth in the ducts. Any suspicious smells need to be investigated by a professional.

Weird Noises

Any sounds being made by your system that are not normal need to be looked into. Potential sounds to keep in mind include a horrible metallic scraping or screeching, rattling, banging, or simply a system running much more loudly than usual. If you hear any of these sounds, call American Air Cares and we’ll send out a technician right away to diagnose the problem.

Wet Ducts

Although all air conditioning systems are designed to handle a degree of moisture (after all, it is housed outside), there should never be any moisture inside the duct system. If you find moisture in your ducts, it could mean any number of things and you need to call in experts immediately. Though it could be something as benign as condensation from a pipe nearly, it could be something more dangerous, like leaked coolant (which is toxic). With your family’s health, it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

Call American Air Cares to discuss any issues you might be having with your AC unit. Our state-certified, licensed, and insured air conditioning and heating specialists are here to help keep your AC unit in top working order.


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