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Five Indications That Major Air Conditioner Repairs Are Necessary

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No homeowner should head into the Florida summer with an air conditioning system that is not at its best and in clear need of repairs. The brutal heat and humidity of summer mean you don’t want it to let you down when you need it the most.

To avoid the chance of a downed AC system, check out these five symptoms of trouble ahead:

It’s making that “funny noise” again.

Homeowners should readily pay attention to this problem. That “funny noise” means something is going on inside your system that shouldn’t be. Just as your body exhibits symptoms when you are sick, your air conditioning will grind, squeak, groan and rattle when it needs repair or maintenance.

There’s a puddle.

Moisture collecting near your system could simply mean that a drain line is plugged. If not addressed, the moisture can lead to mold generation. A more serious scenario, though, would be a refrigerant leak, which can cause health risks and should be repaired immediately.

What’s that smell?

A musty odor in your home probably indicates mold in your ductwork and/or unit, and a cleaning is in order. Unresolved, this mold generates poor indoor air quality for your home or business.

If there is a strong, bad odor coming from your AC it could also be that the system’s wire insulation has been damaged and begun to burn. This is the sort of work that requires the immediate attention of a licensed HVAC professional.

It’s warm in here.

Remember, changing your air filter every 30 days results in good air flow. If you have done that, but you are still having weak or warm air flow, you need to have the system checked out. It could be a problem related to your blower and/or refrigerant.

You have a chatty thermostat.

Is your thermostat clicking a lot when it cycles on and off? Is it cycling on and off constantly?

These are signs that you need a professional to check out your thermostat and perhaps have the condenser and fan cleaned. Condensers and fans that are poorly maintained and have become dirty over time will force your air conditioner system to work harder thereby forcing it to cycle on and off more frequently.

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