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Common Problems Resulting in AC Repairs

AC Pressure Check

Air conditioning repair and servicing may not always be at the forefront of a homeowner’s mind, but knowing they have a trusted source for help may put their mind at ease.

Imagine turning on your AC only to notice that the air coming out of the vents is just not cool, or the flow of air is very light. Worse yet, only warm air flows through the ducts and out of the vents. Despite setting the thermostat for 76°, the actual temperature stays at 80°. It’s definitely time for AC repairs and or servicing.

The top reasons an AC system needs repairs are poor maintenance, electrical problems, and leaking refrigerant lines. It takes a licensed professional HVAC contractor to diagnose those malfunctions in the system properly. Why? The reason is this: faulty air conditioning functions are complicated and can be compounded when taken on as a DIY project.

The working parts of an AC system can’t be seen without opening the air handler or condenser and making a thorough evaluation of what’s inside. If you say there’s a “burning” or “electrical” smell when you turn on your system, the professional will know there are overheated, worn, damaged, or corroded wires and connections in the unit. You could have a worn blower or worn condenser and those are electrical malfunctions, too. A well-trained air conditioning repair professional will also examine the system’s electronics to see if they’re in good shape, need repairs, or should be replaced.

Leaking refrigerant lines may not be visible to the naked eye; seeing the source of the leak requires knowing where to look. A licensed professional will find the source, repair or replace it, and refill the line.

Homeowners want AC repairs made effectively, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost. For AC repairs in Port St. Lucie, a professional from American Air Conditioning and Heating will service your unit, make all necessary repairs, and stand behind their work. A homeowner may not want to know all the “why’s” and “where’s” about the malfunctions, but that homeowner does want to know the AC system will work properly each time it cycles on after the repairs are made.

American Air Conditioning and Heating in Port St. Lucie offers this peace of mind as well as an extremely high level of professionalism, reliability, and trust homeowners are looking for. See for yourself and call us today.


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