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Sourcing AC Repair Services in Martin County

Outside ac unit freeze up

AC systems provide cool comfort when they work at peak efficiency. When problems arise and your AC system does not function the way it should, “DIY” is not what you need. You need repairs to be made quickly and at reasonable costs.

You need those repairs to bring your AC system back to peak operation. Most important, you need those repairs to be done by a licensed HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) professional who stands behind their work. American Air Cares in Martin County can meet all these air conditioning repair and servicing needs.

When your AC system doesn’t work well, it’s helpful to give the repairman accurate information. For example, if you say, “My AC doesn’t work and it goes ka-lunk, ka-lunk,” the repairman’s job will be complicated. He’ll have to trace the source of the problem, diagnose the problem, have the correct parts on hand, and only then he’ll be able to make the right repairs. The repair team at American Air Conditioning and Heating knows what to ask and how to diagnose malfunctions rapidly and properly. That not only saves you money, it also means your system will be up and running much faster.

If you say, “My AC keeps running after it reaches the temperature I preset on the thermostat,” your repairman will look at the thermostat, test its function, check the sensors in the AC air handler, observe what occurs when the system doesn’t stop running, and then replace the thermostat. An HVAC professional from American Air Cares will make sure the problem is solved. They will set the new thermostat and make sure your system powers down when the selected temperature is reached.

Before your American Air Cares repairman leaves, ask him what maintenance tasks to do to keep your AC system working effectively, efficiently, and economically. You’ll be surprised how easy those tasks will be and what they mean for the long term life of your air conditioning system. Call today for more information regarding the services offered by the American Air Cares team.


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