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6 Insightful Tips on Choosing a Professional AC Service (and Avoid Scams)

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The comfort of your home, either in winter or summer, is heavily determined by the efficiency of your AC system and you should choose an AC service provider that will be reliable and efficient.

So, to maintain your equipment’s smooth operation, you have to remain on top of scheduled maintenance and services– and service is not just service; it means professional service. Choosing an AC service provider is akin to the optimum operation of your AC unit round the clock.

Don’t Get Scammed

Have a look at these seven tips when shopping for a professional HVAC service for your home:

1. Check Licensing, Insurance, and Permitting

Your HVAC service provider must have valid copies of state licenses, insurance proofs, and working permits. These are sure-bet proofs that the company has attained the minimum operating standards and that you are safe in the event of an injury or accident.

Companies that are not duly authorized are a no-go zone. They are more likely than not to do a shoddy job leaving you and your loved ones vulnerable.  American Air Cares has been providing air conditioning service in Port St. Lucie, and the surrounding since 2001 and have a sterling reputation.

2. Check Their Reliability

As a homeowner, you understand how brutal and extreme the winters and summers can get. But when your HVAC unit goes kaput, you need a reliable, efficient and dependable HVAC service provider.

You can trust us to:

  • Offer HVAC service that will last you long
  • Offer you superb after-sale/service support
  • Provide you expert services and advice from certified technicians

3. Do Your Homework

Rather than randomly settling for a company or blindly believing what an ad says, it is prudent to gather research.

Consider the following aspects to determine whether you are getting value for your money for the HVAC service you are hiring.

  • History of the company, i.e., how long the company has been in existence. This info should be available on their website.
  • Range of services the company offers
  • Check to see whether the company is authorized to service your current or preferred HVAC brand.
  • Check for online reviews, read testimonials, or ask neighbors and friends for recommendations.
  • Arrange to meet the HVAC service provider face to face

4. Verify Experience and Knowledge

Different HVAC installations are unique in different ways. The only way a professional can meet these dynamic demands is through continuous exposure and experience on a wide variety of different AC units.

A professional AC service company does not promote new technicians beyond the ‘helper’ stage for a specific period.

5. Shop for Reasonable Rates

Cost is the primary consideration for your HVAC service project. Although costs vary significantly from one company to another, the least expensive does not translate to the best.

In essence, too cheap ends up as the most expensive. Absurdly low prices are clues of similarly low-quality work. However, you can shop for a company with excellent AC services but leverage on offers, rebates, and discounts to get quality work at lower costs.

6. Look out for Professionals

You don’t want unethical or disrespectful persons in your home. Only a company whose staff respect your values and treat you with dignity should serve you.

American Air Cares’ professionalism is verifiable during the estimates or when you call them for assistance.

Vetting of technicians before employment is an indicator that a company highly values professionalism.

Choosing an AC Service Provider:  Meet the Comfort Masters

At American Air Cares, we bring you a fantastic indoor air-quality experience at the best prices. We have mastered the art of indoor air comfort for over two decades, and are familiar with different brands of AC units.

Our team of expert technicians are duly certified to guarantee you professional AC services. Feel free to contact us and schedule a service today.


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