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Why and How to Clean Your Drain Line

Nasty drain line cleaning

In our last blog post we talked about all the moisture that is drawn from the air and collects on your coil. The moisture that is not recirculated is emptied out of the system through your drain line. Algae will grow in the moisture of the drain line and eventually clog the pipe with growth and any debris that clings to the moisture along the pipe.

Locating your drain line

There should be a ¾” PVC pipe located on your indoor system for clean out. It will have a cap that pops off.

Not all air conditioners have them, but if you have a float valve in your line drainage be very careful. It would be best to have a professional clean this type.

Cleaning the drain line

In order to stop and prevent the algae growth, pour ½ to one cup of white vinegar, followed by a cup of warm water down the clean out line and this will kill what is there. To prevent further algae from forming, do this every couple months. Some will recommend chlorine bleach, but you don’t want to use this. It can get caught in the tubing and corrode your pipes.

While the vinegar will kill the algae, you must remove the build-up that is already present. For this you will need a shop vacuum to pull it out from outside the building, or a high pressure air source to blow it out from inside.

For questions or help on cleaning your drain line, please call our team of HVAC professionals. In Port St. Lucie, call (772) 398-0023 and call (772) 220-1496 in Martin County.


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