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Manufactured Homes’ Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Manufactured home

If you live in a manufactured home in St. Lucie, Indian River, or Martin County, Florida, you rely on your air conditioner to help keep you cool nearly year-round. The high heat and humidity that we experience here in the Sunshine State can be relentless, especially in the summer months. But, it can also be too warm for comfort during other parts of the year. Whether your air conditioner is fairly new or has been used for a few years, it’s important to keep it maintained so that it performs to its maximum capacity.

1. Outdoor Maintenance of a Manufactured Home

Due to limited inside space, most manufactured home air conditioning units are located outside the home. Because of this, the unit has to be carefully maintained in order to protect it. Perhaps the easiest maintenance activity to perform is removing weeds and other plant material from around the outdoor condenser unit. Be sure to clear it of any leaves or other debris that fall on it to ensure air is able to flow freely through the outer grills.

2. Maintain a Level Surface

Your air conditioner likely rests on a concrete slab that keeps it off the ground. If the slab is sloped or slanted, it can cause problems with the compressor. That means you’ll have to repair or replace the unit faster than you would one that is level. Use a carpenter’s level to check to see if your unit is properly leveled. Don’t have one? Pay attention to the way that water flows when it rains. If water runs off in one direction, it’s probably uneven. It’s best to get professional help to level this up so as not to damage the unit.

3. Change the Air Filter

The air filter helps keep dust and debris from getting inside your home, but it also helps to keep the air conditioner operating efficiently. A dirty, clogged filter won’t allow the appropriate amount of air to get through which makes your a/c unit work harder than it has to. A good rule of thumb is to change the air filter twice a year. Do it in the spring, and then again as winter approaches and you and your unit will both breathe easier.

4. Keep the Air Flowing

As you’re well aware, there is limited space inside most manufactured homes and it can be difficult to fit everything in. You may be tempted to place a piece of furniture or other objects in front of the return air vent in order to maximize your space. That’s not going to do your air conditioner, or you, any favors. If you must place something in front of the vent, make sure it’s something like a table that doesn’t block the airflow.

5. Maintain the Coolant Level

Your air conditioner relies on a coolant to keep it operating. If there’s a leak anywhere in the lines, the coolant will escape and the unit won’t put out the cool air you expect it to. If this is the case, new coolant has to be added and the line has to be repaired. This isn’t an issue that a homeowner can resolve themselves, however. You need a licensed professional to handle adding air conditioner coolant.

Professional Maintenance Services for Manufactured Homes

While you can certainly take care of the minor maintenance issues associated with your air conditioning unit, you don’t really have to. American Air Cares has been a premier provider of air conditioning service in Port St. Lucie, and the surrounding areas for more than 25 years, and are family-owned and operated. We’re experts in a/c maintenance, repair, and installation. If your air conditioner needs to be serviced, contact us and we’ll schedule an appointment when it’s convenient for you. Our technicians are courteous, professional, and experienced, so you know you will get the best possible service every time.

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