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HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

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Pets are a perfect addition to a family. They are fun, loving, and loyal animals. They fill your home with love and adventure, but another reality is that they also fill your home with pet dander that may have major effects on your HVAC system if you’re not vigilant with your cleaning routine. To help protect your HVAC system and keep the air in your home clean and efficient, follow these tips.

Bathe and Groom Your Pet

While it is important to bathe and groom your pet for hygienic reasons, it also controls odors and allergens from affecting the air quality in your home. You should bathe and groom your pets frequently. Brushing your pet will help remove any dirt and shedding hair, which will prevent it from entering and clogging your air filter. Bathing them also keeps them healthy and happy. Be sure to turn your off your ac and open the windows when vacuuming and dusting.

Change your Filters Often

Dirty air filters affect the indoor air quality. Pet hair and dander can clog your filters and reduce the flow of air through your home. Make sure you are checking your air filters every three to four weeks and replacing or cleaning them. While many homes without pets may be able to go two to three months without replacing their filters (depending on the quality and brand of the filter), pet owners need to replace their filters more frequently. Be sure to keep your allergies in mind as well. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, replacing or cleaning your filters are extremely important to your health and the overall quality of your home’s air.

Maintenance your HVAC

Along with changing your filters, regularly check your HVAC system, ductwork, and the outside condenser unit. Pet dander is very small and can invade places like your ducts or travel through the air filter (if not changed often). Also conceal any exposed wires that your pet may view as a chew toy. It is very dangerous to have wires exposed even for homeowners without pets. Also think about placing a cover over your condenser unit to prevent any damage like chewing or scratching.

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