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Six of the Most Common Evaporator Problems

Dirty ac coils

Even in October, Florida weather is hot outside, and you need your AC to work consistently.  American Air Cares has over 25 years of experience and is family-owned and operated. We are here, ready to help you with any evaporator coil problems!

What does your evaporator do?

The evaporator coil’s main job is to cool the refrigerant so that it can absorb the heat. As the fan blows air over the coil, the refrigerant becomes cold and turns into a gas. It then absorbs heat and flows to the outside unit, where it goes through compression and pressurization to become a hot gas. The gas releases from the home. This allows your house to feel more comfortable.

Two components make up the evaporator: the core and the coils. When issues occur, in most cases, it’s due to failed interactions between these two parts. Since the AC evaporator requires constant pressure to remove heat effectively, it is prone to malfunction. Evaporator coil problems are resolvable.

Evaporator coil failure:

There are some sure signs that your evaporator is failing. It’s better to fix it sooner than later as it will save you money.

  • Weak cold air: One of the surest signs is that your AC unit is no longer blowing cold air. Considering how hard the evaporator is working, it is often the culprit.
  • Strange odor:  If the evaporator is leaking, it will leak refrigerant, causing a slightly sweet scent.
  • The compressor won’t work: The compressor is expecting a certain amount of refrigerant to work. Lacking the refrigerant, the compressor will stop working.
  • Your AC is inconsistent: Your evaporator coil may have a small leak, which will prevent it from working correctly.

Common evaporator coil problems:

The evaporator in your air conditioner needs a trained technician to service it, but some common problems tend to affect them.

  • Evaporator fan burns out

    When the fan does not work, no air will get blown across the evaporator coil. It will stop working. The blower fan is essential for sending cold air into your ventilation system and running warm air across the evaporator coil to remove the heat. If the blower fan motor starts to fail, it could cause the blower to stop entirely and prevent the AC from cooling.

  • Dirty evaporator coil

    if your coil is dirty or not working well, it will lower your air conditioning system’s cooling power.

  • Defrost component malfunctions

    Your AC has failsafe systems to stop frost from forming on your evaporator coil. Therefore, when these stop working, your coil may frost up and cease functioning.

  • Not enough heat on the evaporator coil

    Your evaporator coil is always cold so that it can absorb your heat successfully. Ironically, your evaporator coil may frost up. It will no longer be conductive if there’s insufficient heat being processed.

  • Refrigerant runs low

    If your refrigerant runs short, there’s nothing for your evaporator coil to cool, and it will stop working.

  • Clogged air filter

    The evaporator unit draws air into it through vents, and these vents can carry large amounts of dust that can clog your AC filter. Unless the air filter is changed regularly, it will become clogged and eventually begin to stop airflow into the system, leading to excess strain and your evaporator failing to cool.

American Air Cares does AC maintenance in Port St. Lucie and surrounding counties and has dealt with evaporator coil problems for years. Whatever is wrong with your evaporator, we will diagnose it and fix it quickly. For more information on how we can help, give us a call at 772-398-0023.



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