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Avoid HVAC Fire Hazards With Regular AC Maintenance

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For most of the year in Port St. Lucie, Florida, your air conditioner is in use. From spring through late fall, the high humidity and heat make it impossible to be comfortable without it. Because it’s running so often, your air conditioner is put under a great deal of strain, which could lead to serious issues. One of those is the risk of fire due to a dirty air filter, faulty electrical/gas connections, leaking fuel line, or lack of adequate space. With regular preventive AC maintenance in Port St. Lucie, from American Air Cares, you can avoid these fire hazards and benefit in other ways as well.

Common HVAC Fire Hazards

Your HVAC system is full of moving parts, electrical connections, and fuel connections. When properly installed and maintained, these components all work together to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Some of the most common HVAC fire hazards include:

Dirty, Clogged Air Filter

Your air conditioner and furnace need air flow to work properly. A clogged air filter blocks the air from coming into the unit, which can cause it to overheat and shut down. If the unit gets too hot, a fire could start inside the unit and spread. Changing your air filter is a simple job you can easily perform yourself, or our AC maintenance service includes changing your air conditioning filters so your HVAC unit gets maximum air flow.

Dirt and Debris Inside the Unit

Dust, dirt, leaves, and other debris can become a serious fire hazard if they accumulate inside and around your HVAC unit. Clear leaves, grass, and other debris from around your outdoor unit on a regular basis. However, it’s best to leave cleaning the inside of your air conditioner and furnace to a trained HVAC professional. Cleaning your air conditioner is included in our AC maintenance service.

Faulty Connections

Air conditioners are full of electrical connections. If any of these becomes loose, it can cause the unit to malfunction. They can also cause sparks and electrical fires, leading to significant damage to the AC and the surrounding area. Damaged or loose fuel connections allow dangerous gasses to build up. We thoroughly test every connection, replace worn parts, and tighten loose connections during every maintenance visit. We recommend at least an annual maintenance visit for all home AC units.

Fuel Line Leak

Natural gas is the most common fuel used to power home HVAC systems. It’s an affordable option and HVAC systems that use it are generally very fuel-efficient. A natural gas leak in your HVAC system, however, can be dangerous to your health. We will test your fuel lines during every AC maintenance visit to make sure they’re sealed properly so your family stays safe.

Inadequate Space

Your air conditioner and furnace need adequate air flow in order to work properly, but they also need space around them. When your HVAC system is blocked in with items placed close to it, such as boxes, clothes, or other items, the risk of overheating goes up. Don’t crowd your indoor unit in any way.

Protect Your HVAC with Regular Maintenance

Your home’s HVAC system is vital to your family’s year-round comfort, safety, and happiness. AC preventive maintenance will ensure that you’ll be protected from the risk of fire, but that’s not all. It will also reduce the need for future repairs, help your unit operate more efficiently, and it’ll help your air conditioner last longer. In other words, HVAC maintenance will help protect your HVAC unit and give you peace of mind.

Schedule AC Preventive Maintenance in Port St. Lucie, Florida

When you need air conditioning service in Port St. Lucie, remember American Air Cares. We’re licensed HVAC contractors, our work is guaranteed, and we offer a complete line of air conditioner and heater repairs, maintenance, installation, and replacement services. We have been family-owned and operated for over 20 years.  We are glad to answer any questions, or schedule an appointment for maintenance.

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