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Preparing Your AC Unit For A Florida Summer

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When summer begins, will you find comfort at home or outdoors? Well, it all depends on whether you keep up your AC maintenance. An air conditioning system in good repair will ensure your family is comfortable during the summer heat in Florida.

On the other hand, a poorly maintained AC system works harder to cool air. As a result, the system uses more electricity leading to increased electricity bills. It is, therefore, important to schedule AC repairs ahead of the summer blast.

Here are a few tips for AC maintenance in Port St. Lucie

1. Check the Condition of Filters

A filter is an essential element that prevents contaminants such as dust, mold, and debris from entering the air conditioning system. A dirty filter can’t sieve properly, affecting indoor air quality and the effectiveness of your system.

Ensure you change the filters once every month during summer and at least twice during the other seasons. Use high-quality filters to prevent the accumulation of dust mites and other microorganisms that cause allergies.

2. AC Maintenance: Clean the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are located in a metal box located outside a building. The components include grills, fans, condenser coils, and the condenser cover that shields the system from debris.

Here’s a breakdown of how to maintain the condenser coils:

  • Clear the debris: The large fans are likely to trap unwanted materials as they rotate to supply air to the air conditioning system. It is, therefore, common to find leaves, dirt, and debris stuck inside. The accumulation of debris restricts the normal flow of air, thereby reducing the efficiency of the condenser coils. Ensure you remove all forms of debris at the start of summer.
  • Clean the coils: A few contaminants can reach the coil despite the protection it gets from fans and grills. Turn the power off, remove the top and side panels protecting the condenser coils. Use a refrigerator coil brush or a vacuum brush to remove any debris lying on top of it. Take care not to disfigure or damage the delicate coils. You can also use the commercial AC cleaner to remove sediment debris. Alternatively, you can use a strong but focused nozzle to clear the dirt and debris.

3. Clean the Ductwork

The role of the duct network is to deliver cool air or suck away hot air. Leaks or cracks in the system can either increase the energy needed to run an AC unit or affect air quality.

Some signs to look out for in a dysfunctional duct system include:

  • Bad odor emanating from the vents
  • Presence of mold on the edges of the duct
  • Signs of debris, or pest nests inside the duct

You can talk to an expert in AC maintenance in Port St. Lucie to conduct ductwork repairs before summer commences.

4. Evaluate the Condition of the Coolant Lines

Inspect the coolant lines or the refrigerant lines that run from the air handler to the condenser coils outside the building. The efficiency of the HVAC system deteriorates when the coolant lines are not fully insulated. Replace the missing or frayed parts with a fresh layer of insulation. Use foam insulation sleeves on a spiral formation to cover the exposed areas.

AC Repair: Let Us Help You Prepare Your AC Unit For Summer

It’s typical for temperatures to get unbearably high during summer. Even so, households with regularly scheduled AC maintenance don’t feel the heat. As such, it’s crucial to conduct repairs, especially before summer begins.

That said, there is no better company for AC repair in Port St. Lucie and surrounding areas than American Air Cares. We offer repair services, maintenance, and installations. We are family-owned and operated and have been in business for over 20 years. Call us today to schedule service.


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