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The Importance of Insulating your Attic

Attic insulation helps ac

When it comes to the temperature in your home, it is very rare that we think anything other than the air conditioning units could be the cause of why our home is not heating or cooling the way we would expect. The attic is the last place homeowners think to check. Because the attic isn’t the first place to look when air conditioning problems occur, insulation doesn’t cross homeowners’ minds.

Two major problems occur when insulation is not installed correctly. The temperature in your home may be more hot than usual during the summer months and more cooler during the winter months. Because heat rises, a lot of the stored heat travels into the attic during the cooler months and circulates through your home during the warmer months, specifically the summer.

When installing attic insulation, the insulation should be no less than 12 inches thick in the highest area of your home. This is very important because the higher the R-value is, the greater the insulating power is. The key is to reach a higher thermal value.

Energy efficiency is an important factor when discussing the importance of insulating your home. Proper installment of insulation will allow homeowners to save money by not having to adjust their air conditioning unit constantly in order to compensate for incorrect installation. Another factor to consider is wanting to keep your belongings like holiday decorations or other items safe and undamaged. With excessive heat or cool air, damage to your belongings is very possible. Consider having a professional check your attic for to ensure your insulation is properly installed.

If you have any questions about insulation in your attic, please feel free to call the professionals in air conditioning repair in Fort Pierce, and surrounding counties, at American Air Cares. We would be more than happy to help you with your air conditioning needs.


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