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Cigarette Smoke and Your HVAC System: AC Maintenance in Port St. Lucie

Clean you unit to get the cigarette smoke smell out

Maybe you’ve recently quit smoking and you want to rid your home of the stale nicotine smell once and for all, or maybe you’ve recently purchased a place that has a smoky odor still lingering from previous owners. Everyone knows that cigarette smoke is dangerous to our health whether it’s first or second hand.

So, how to get the cigarette smoke smell out?

Your HVAC system, although a great asset to your home, can actually perpetuate the presence of indoor smoke if it hasn’t been cleaned properly.  And your ductwork is no different. We’re going to walk you through 3 steps that can help you improve the air quality in your home.

1. Have Your HVAC Unit Professionally Cleaned

If there is cigarette smoke in the AC system, it has more than likely created a film on the unit’s condenser coils. This film will continue to produce a stale smoke odor until it is removed through a special cleaning process.

It’s a good idea to get your system cleaned once or twice a year because any kind of particle buildup on the coils will decrease efficiency. Properly functioning condenser coils become cold and the fan blows the cool air through the air ducts into your home. However, but if a layer of dust, smoke residue, or other particles cover the coils, it creates an insulated layer that prevents the coolness from leaving the coils.

Buildup can also eventually cause irreversible damage and malfunctions. Having the coils in your HVAC system professionally cleaned will not only extend the life of the system, but it will also provide cleaner air for you and your family.

That nicotine grime can be tough to remove, but it’s worth the effort for sure!

2. Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Cigarette smoke residue in the AC can also be lurking around in your air ducts, and every time the HVAC fan turns on, those toxic particles will continue to circulate through the house (have you ever seen what it looks like inside your home’s ductwork? …you may not want to). Our team of HVAC professionals can clean your air ducts and remove all the scary fuzzy things in there; greatly improving the air quality and eliminating disagreeable odors.

An additional measure you can take is to have an in-duct air purification system installed; this can help prevent any outdoor smoke (got any partying neighbors?) from making its way into your home; this is an affordable option that can also help in the allergy seasons when pollen is flying through the air.

3. Clean Your Home

Yes, it’s time to get out the duster, the Swiffer, and the Clorox wipes. Anything in the air of your home will be recirculated, so do your best to get any smoke residue off your furniture, floors, walls, etc. Now, with newly-cleaned coils and air ducts, your home will stay dust-free and fresh-smelling a lot longer. You can finally say goodbye to cigarette smoke!

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