Signs Your Heater May Need to be Replaced

Figuring out that you need to replace a malfunctioning heater is not fun—especially if you’ve already turned it on (because you need it due to cold weather). However, if you watch for signs that your system needs repair (or eventually replacement) before you need to turn the heat on, you may be able to prevent a complete system breakdown.

The short list below of common signs to be on the lookout for will help you determine if you need to replace your heater sooner rather than later.

  • Unusually high electric bills. If your monthly bills are higher than usual, it could be because your heating system is faulty and requiring more energy to run that it should. On the FPL website, you can check your usage rates (down to the hour) and recent bills compared to previous months or the same month in previous years. Decreased efficiency means higher bills.
  • Trips to the thermostat. If you find yourself constantly back at the thermostat and adjusting the temperature, your furnace may not be working properly.
  • Not feeling well? It’s possible that if you and your family aren’t feeling well or are experiencing unusual headaches, it may be due to cracks in the heat exchanger component of the furnace that allow carbon monoxide to be leaking into the house. Clearly, this is extremely dangerous.
  • Short cycling. If you notice your furnace struggling to turn on or stay on, it could be malfunctioning due to a variety of reasons: faulty fan control, wrong unit size, dirty filter, or dead battery in the thermostat, among others.
  • Calling American Air Cares regularly. If your system is breaking down regularly and you’re having to call in the professionals on a semi-regular basis to make repairs, it’s time for you to do a cost-benefit analysis of replacing the system vs. continued repairs and service visit fees.

If your system is exhibiting some of the above signs, call American Air Cares today to discuss your options with a technician who cares.