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Preparing Your Air Conditioner for Fall Allergies

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Fall is an exciting part of the year, unless you are one of millions who suffer from seasonal allergies. Eight out of ten people in the United States are exposed to some type of allergen, according to Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Although we cannot control pollen or other airborne allergens that circulate throughout the air, we can manage the indoor air quality in our homes by using these tips.

Get rid of the Debris from your HVAC System

The outdoor unit collects air from outside and sends the air into your home through the indoor unit. Check for dust or debris around your indoor and outdoor units. Monitoring these areas will reduce allergens entering your home through vents. Be sure to clear away the debris from the outdoor unit as much as possible.

Dust the Vents

Just as the outdoor unit, the indoor vents should be cleaned on a weekly basis to eliminate dust buildup. If dust is a trigger for you, wearing a painter’s mask can be worn to protect your nose and mouth from inhaling dust particles. Be sure to turn your air conditioner off before wiping down the air vents. Use a damp cloth in order capture dust and reduce the risk of particles being released into the home.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

You will need your HVAC system at its maximum efficiency during allergy season. This is a great time to schedule a maintenance appointment. Regular routine maintenance will improve the overall health of your HVAC system and reduce indoor allergens.

Check for Leaks

Sometimes condensation builds up near your indoor unit or even around your vents. The moisture encourages mold growth. Be sure to check around the vents or any other areas that may be humid like bathrooms, garages, or laundry room. These areas should be cleaned often. When cleaning, check for excess water or leakage.

If you have any questions on how to minimize allergens in your home, please give the professionals in air conditioner maintenance in Ft. Pierce and Martin County a call. One of our American Air Care specialists would be happy to help you.


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