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AC & Your Health Series: Keeping Baby Happy & Healthy

Happy & healthy baby

Among the many responsibilities a parent has when taking care of a baby, making sure they are comfortable is one of them. Unlike adults, babies cannot adjust their body temperature on their own. This makes them susceptible to heat-related issues such as heat exhaustion, heat rash, and dehydration. Some experts have stated that providing a cool and ventilated room between 73-78 degrees reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In order to keep your baby as comfortable as possible during the summer months, here are a few tips:

Regularly service your air conditioner

Regularly servicing your AC will provide a longer life on the appliance. With the average life of an HVAC being 10 years, it is important to maintain your investment by checking filters, coils, and the condensation pump. An important factor to acknowledge is that a well-maintained HVAC system protects the quality of air circulating in your home so if you run into any issues that you believe are not normal, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment for your HVAC.

Set the thermostat on a comfortable temperature

While being too hot can cause heat-related issues to your baby, so can being too cold. Setting the air conditioner too low can cause problems, too. Instead, place your thermostat on a reasonable temperature that falls between low to mid 70 degrees. Doing so allows your little one’s body to adapt to the temperature without any complications. Consider lowering the thermostat before you lay your baby down to sleep, so the room has time to cool.

Check your air vents

Monitoring the air vents in your home for dust or other allergens is important. If you notice dust build up, turn your AC off and open the windows before proceeding to clean the vents. This will prevent dust from spreading as you wipe down the air vents. Cleaning and replacing your filters regularly will eliminate dust mites, mold, and any other pesky airborne pollutants that are lurking on and around your air filters. This will significantly improve the indoor air quality.

Sleeping Arrangements

It is also good to position your little one’s crib or bassinet away from the vent. Having the air blowing directly onto your baby may cause discomfort and a significant drop in your baby’s body temperature. Drawing the curtains or closing the blinds during peak day times will help preserve a consistent flow of cool air. Avoid opening the windows while the AC is running, as this will cause dust to quickly accumulate.

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