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The Importance of Changing Your Filter

real dirty pleated ac air filter

A quick change of your air conditioner’s filter every month is another check mark off your to-do list. You know that you are doing everything you can to preserve the quality of your indoor air, increase the lifespan of your HVAC system, and keep your energy bills in line. And it only takes five minutes.

Dirty air

No one wants dirty air recirculating in their home or business. We sometimes forget the consequences of breathing all the dust, debris, and pollutants that work their way into our HVAC systems. Take a look at the old filter that you pull out of your system and it will give you cause for thought. Changing your air filter is an easy fix to put your mind at ease.

An efficient system

Just as your car does not function well with a clogged oil or air filter, neither does your HVAC system function efficiently. Clogged air filters lead to dirty coils and ducts, all adding up to a sluggish system. A poorly running ventilation system means the components will work harder to produce the quality of indoor air you desire. A harder working system requires more energy that will show up as an increase in your utility bill.

Your comfort

Even though it is only March, in Florida you are probably already using your air conditioner. You especially want your system to be ready for our all-out summer heat. A clean air filter is a good start. Your comfort is hinged on how efficiently your present system is working. Summer is an important time of year to change your air filters monthly.

The environment

Yet another byproduct of clean filters is a boost to our ecosystem. With clean filters, your HVAC will produce less carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases. You may not realize that by keeping your system running smoothly, you are also helping the environment.

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