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The Different Types of Air Filters

Pleated ac air filter

It has been proven that keeping your air filter changed at least every month during the hot months in Florida, will extend the life of your air conditioning system, provide cleaner air to breath, and perhaps lower your utility bills.

What are the different types of air filters?

Electrostatic air filters

If household members or employees are not susceptible to the normal contaminants found in AC systems, this is the air filter for you. These are washable and supposedly never have to be replaced. You will notice, though, that the dust and debris that does not get trapped in the filter will cake up on your coils, furnishing a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow.

Fiberglass panel filters

Fiberglass filters are available everywhere and they are inexpensive. However, these trap large dust particles and cause problems with airflow and can cause maintenance problems. They are not designed for indoor air quality, only to filter out particles. If you use these, replace them frequently.

Media air filters

Most homeowners do not use the media filter as it it provided through professional vendors and is usually only available to your HVAC company. This leaves the general public unaware of the reliability and cost efficiency of these. They are built in layers, making sure that particles are eventually caught in one of these layers and does not inhibit airflow.

Pleated air filters

These are almost as good as media filters, but you should change them more frequently. A lot of builders use these in new home construction, too, because of cost and durability. Because they are designed with pleats, they have more surface area to catch particles, while still allowing for good air flow. Those with a MERV rating of 7 to 13 are almost as effective as true HEPA filters. Pleated filters also offer options for odor control.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters

Persons with compromised respiratory systems or allergies should strongly consider this filter. HEPA can remove dust mites, mold spores, pet debris, pollen and regular household allergens. This filter has more pleats per inch than regular pleated filters and is 99% efficient.

Activated carbon filters

Activated carbon filters are good for areas including cigarette smoke and pet and garbage odors. They are not as efficient, but will allow you to decrease the use of sprays to remove odors.

With all the different types of filters available, take the time to choose wisely. Call your HVAC provider if you have questions. In Port St. Lucie, call (772) 398-0023 and call (772) 220-1496 in Martin County.


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