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Protecting Your Air Conditioning During Storms

Air conditioning during storms

Having a reliable HVAC system in Florida has made summer days bearable. While summer is meant for relaxation, storms can disrupt your care-free fun. And we all know that with heat and humidity comes rain and lightning. An astonishing fact about Florida is that it earned its title as the lightning capital due to the number of thunderstorms, and for good reason too. In fact, Florida has the highest number of lightning strikes per year, leading the nation in amount of strikes. Protecting your air conditioning during storms will help prevent costly damages!

Air Conditioning During Storms 101

Many people find that turning off their lights and other large appliances give them a sense of security during thunderstorms. The summer temperatures continue to rise and cutting the ac off sounds almost impossible with the humidity. And although the sound of thunder can be terrifying, that isn’t what you should be concerned with during a thunderstorm. It’s the lightning that is likely to cause severe damage to electrical fixtures. It can also cause a power surge that could possibly lead to blown fuses and can damage components. Operating your air conditioner during a thunderstorm can actually harm the unit.

The best thing you can do for protecting your air conditioning during storms; shut the ac off completely so the electricity does not draw any electric currents to your ac unit. Because the condenser unit is located outside, it is more prone to damage than any other parts of the ac unit. Consider purchasing surge protectors and have an electrician install it for better protection from lightning strikes or any other electrical issues that can put your HVAC system at risk of damage.

HVAC systems are able to withstand many weather conditions, but one other thing that can affect your air conditioning during storms is flooding. Heavy rain can also be a cause for concern. The shell of an outdoor unit will protect the surface of your unit but not underneath. During your air conditioner’s installation, the unit should be installed on an elevated concrete surface that will protect the bottom of the unit from any water damage.

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