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Air Conditioning Repair Basics: Troubleshooting Your AC System

AC 101 Part 1

Florida’s brutal temperatures and humidity can punish your AC and it’s important to keep tabs on it before costly repairs are needed. Here are a few trouble spots to watch for.

Smelling musty?

Don’t disregard this warning sign. If your home smells musty, your system is not circulating clean air and needs maintenance and servicing by a professional. Musty air in an interior environment can lead to allergy and breathing issues and lower indoor air quality.

Too hot to handle

If you have kept your air conditioning filter changed regularly, but your air temperature still does not feel comfortable, you should have your system inspected. This problem could be related to a malfunctioning blower, low refrigerant levels, or thermostat issues.

Creaking and groaning

Abnormal noises should not be ignored. While your unit will make noises during the normal course of operation, strange sounds could lead to trouble. These noises mean something is going on inside your system that shouldn’t be. Your system is trying to let you know that it needs maintenance or repair.

There’s a puddle

Perhaps those bits of water are just a symptom of a plugged drain pipe, but check out the situation. If not addressed, the moisture can lead to mold generation. A more serious scenario, though, would be a refrigerant leak, which may cause health risks and should be repaired immediately by a licensed HVAC professional.

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