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Air Duct Cleaning and Its Benefits

Dirty air duct intake

With all our comings and goings, the average American home produces about 40 pounds of dust each and every year. This dust has a tendency to hide in HVAC duct systems that constantly circulate air throughout our homes. Mixed with this dust are microbes, pet dander particles, and pollen that aggravate residents with allergies and other respiratory ailments. A thorough duct cleaning can help alleviate these air-borne issues.

What Does Air Duct Cleaning Entail?

When properly done, duct cleaning involves the cleaning of a variety of HVAC system components that includes air ducts and registers, diffusers and grilles, fan housing and motor, and the air handler. Air duct cleaning prices often take into account the size of the system to be cleaned, how accessible the system is, and the general level of contamination.

The Danger of Dirty Air Ducts

Poor installation, maintenance, or operating conditions can cause dust, pollen, and debris to build up in an air duct system rather quickly. In the event of moisture build up or exposure, these contaminants in the system have the increased potential for mold growth that produce spores which may be released throughout the home.

The Benefits of a Clean Air Duct System

A well-executed duct cleaning means that all necessary components have been cleaned and will not endanger your HVAC system and ductwork will not face recontamination. Once cleaned, the air duct system will help relieve some of the effort that burdened your previously dirty unit and ductwork. This means a reduced power bill and a system that operates much more efficiently. In addition, clean ductwork doesn’t push dirty air around your home and makes breathing easier for you and your family.

If you’re concerned that your air duct system is in need of a good cleaning, give our team a call. American Air Cares has been a leading expert in air conditioning repairs in Palm City, and surrounding areas, for over 25 years, and we will be glad to provide you with answers to all your questions.


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