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The Importance of Proper AC Duct Cleaning

AC Duct Cleaning

HVAC and AC ducts may stay out of sight, but they might still release allergens, pet dander, and mold particles into your home’s air if they’re not properly maintained. Consequently, it’s crucial to understand how AC duct cleaning works and the risks of not cleaning (or of overcleaning) before you even start looking for a dependable service provider.

HVAC and AC Duct Cleaning

HVAC duct cleaning involves a variety of steps that may differ depending on your service provider and home. It’s usually done by arranging a variety of vacuums and other equipment along the vents and duct entrances. This creates a vacuum of “negative air” within the ventilation system that picks up as much loose debris, dust, and allergens as possible.

In extreme situations such as mold growth or infestation, though, AC ducts may need to be removed to be cleaned or replaced entirely. The proper AC duct cleaning service provider should be able to determine the best course of action or tell you if the ducts even need to be cleaned at all.

Consequences of Not Cleaning Your AC Duct

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), general dust, dirt, and particle build-up in AC ducts is typically not too problematic on its own. However, excessive build-up can clog the system, leak dangerous particles into the air, and potentially attract rodents and bugs.

Often, the most concerning issue with uncleaned AC ducts and HVAC systems is the possibility of mold growth. Mold can be difficult to locate in cooling and heating systems, as it sometimes grows in spots where it cannot be seen, which is why it’s crucial to get an expert’s help. The right service provider will be able to properly identify mold, determine if a duct needs to be cleaned or replaced, and eliminate the source of mold growth so the mold doesn’t return.

Need Your AC Duct Cleaned?

When you are looking to get your air ducts cleaned, it’s essential to find an air duct cleaning professional that has substantial experience and is licensed by your state. Inexperienced cleaners or cleaners who don’t follow state regulations may fail to properly clean your unit and may not know how to find serious problems like mold growth. Additionally, some cleaners may convince you to get your air ducts cleaned more regularly than necessary which the Division of Occupational Health and Safety warns against.

American Air Cares Air Conditioning & Heating understands the importance of regular HVAC duct cleaning. We want to help you regularly maintain your air duct by replacing the filter every month, using the safest pleated filters, and remaining aware of threats to your air system like pets, smoke, and water leaks.

Get in touch today for the best AC duct cleaning in Port St. Lucie to see what options are right for your home.


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