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AC 101: Is It Necessary to Shade Outdoor AC Components?

Outdoor AC unit in the shade

Many people believe shading your condenser unit will improve the results of your Air conditioning system. In fact, you can purchase covers from retailers to place over your condenser unit. The pitch is to save more money on your energy bill. But does shading the condenser unit really make a difference in the quality of your air conditioning system? We’ll explain why shading your condenser unit is a common myth.

Myth #1: It Lowers your Energy Bill

Having a lower bill is always a great thing, unfortunately placing shade on an air conditioning system doesn’t bring the celebration you were looking for when viewing your energy bill. In fact, placing a cover over your condenser unit will raise your energy bill. The cover will block the release of heat from exiting the condenser unit, forcing your unit to work double time in order to cool your home. Some people suggest planting trees and bushes around the unit, but even this comes with issues. Roots can disrupt the bottom of the unit while branches can damage the top or sides of it.

Myth #2: Statistics Prove it Increases Efficiency

It has been told that some experts have stated shading your air conditioning unit will increase its efficiency by as much as 50%. It sounds like valid statistics, but those numbers have been tested and disproved by multiple trusted sources. However, shading areas where windows are present with landscaping will increase the overall efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

Myth #3: It Prevents the Air Conditioning Unit from Overheating

This would be the most natural thought any person would think about when deciding on shading their AC unit. It makes sense, in order for something not to overheat, you have to protect it from the sun, correct? But doing so is completely unnecessary. The coil is already protected by the metal shell covering it. These units are built to withstand any weather conditions, including an extremely hot day.

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