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Should My Air Conditioner Be Running All Day?

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In a nutshell—no.

Yes, it’s summertime in south Florida and it’s much hotter and more humid than during the rest of the year, which means your system will likely cycle on and off less often—but, your system should not be struggling to keep up. If your air conditioner is constantly running and not reaching the targeted temperature, there’s something wrong with your system.

Before determining if there’s a more serious issue with your AC system that needs to be addressed, there are a few things you can do to help your system work smarter and keep your home cooler.

  • Close all the blinds and drapes. Keep the heat of the sun outside.
  • Clean or replace the air filter.
  • Ensure ALL air vents are open to ensure the best air flow possible.
  • Clear away any and all debris from the outside.

Once you’ve done this and your system is still struggling, one of the following is probably wrong:

  • Your system isn’t getting enough air. If your system can’t pull in sufficient warm air, it can’t provide enough cool air to reach and maintain your desired temperature. Aside from a dirty air filter, leaks in your ductwork, a dirty/broken blower fan, or poor insulation could be the reason for insufficient air flow.
  • You have a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air inside your home and carries it out. If your AC system is leaking refrigerant, it isn’t capable of cooling your home efficiently.
  • The evaporator/condenser coils are dirty/blocked. The evaporator coil (inside unit) absorbs the heat from the air inside your home. The condenser coils (outside unit) push the heat back outside. If either of these parts is dirty or blocked, then the heat isn’t being absorbed or it isn’t being pushed outside. Both of these issues will cause your AC system to constantly run.
  • Your AC is undersized. If this is the case, it will never cool your home efficiently.
  • You AC is old and needs to be replaced. Just like any other piece of equipment, air conditioners don’t last forever. It’s important to remember that the older your unit, the less efficiently it works. If your older system can’t keep up any longer, it’s possible that it simply needs replacing.

For advanced efficiency improvement suggestions, ask our HVAC professional team for advice. In Port St. Lucie, call (772) 398-0023 or (772) 220-1496 in Martin County to schedule an appointment.


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