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How to Tell If Your Air Conditioning System Needs Service Or Repair

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Port St. Lucie, FL, weather can put even the most state-of-the-art air conditioning system to the ultimate test. What with most local residents running their AC’s year-round, eventually those systems will exhibit signs of needing a service or repair. While some indicators are fairly obvious, other signs that service or repair should be scheduled ASAP are more subtle. Is your air conditioning system on the verge of failure? Learn the most common signs of trouble, then call American Air Cares to get things back in proper working order

The “Top 10” Signs of Imminent Air Conditioning Breakdown

In American Air Cares’ experience, these system behaviors and physical indicators are the most common signs of pressing service or repair needs. Call us in Port St. Lucie, FL, if you see, hear, smell, or feel any of the following:

  1. Your system blows warm air – this is the most obvious indication that something is amiss
  2. Your thermostat is not working – indicators that this could be the heart of the problem include your system turning on and off more frequently than it should, or not coming on at all
  3. Air output from vents is weak – if cool air fails to circulate fully through your home, it’s an indication that you need a new compressor, or your ducts could need cleaning
  4. Loud noises – scraping, grinding, squeaking, banging are signs that one or more components have moved out of place; turn your system off and call a certified HVAC technician immediately
  5. Strange smells – your AC’s air output should be virtually odorless; musty odors may signal the presence of mold; a burnt smell could indicate a frayed wire
  6. Your house remains humid – a properly functioning air conditioning system removes most moisture from the air; if it’s not doing this, you’ve got a problem
  7. Rising utility bills – if you’re suddenly shelling out more every month to the electric company, to problems with your air conditioning system could be the culprit
  8. Freon or water leaks – if you see any type of liquid pooling around your AC unit, or ice forming around the refrigerant lines, call a trained HVAC company right away as freon is poisonous
  9. Need for more frequent repairs – if your AC is breaking down more often than it has in the past, it might be time to look into replacement
  10. Age of your system – if your cooling system is more than 10 years old, you’re already on borrowed time; time to start pricing out a new system, and booking American Air Cares for installation

An Ounce of Prevention

While some of the service or repair indicators listed above cannot be helped, such as when your AC unit reaches the end of its lifespan, most of these problems are 100% preventable. Getting your home cooling system serviced annually by a professional Port St. Lucie HVAC company like American Air Cares can help you avoid many of these common problems and keep your system doing the job it was designed to do for many years.


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