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6 Things to Consider for New Air Conditioner Installation

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With summer in Florida fast approaching, many homeowners may be considering a new air conditioner installation.  This often entails researching what it takes to make sure your home is adequately cooled during our blistering summers. It’s important to conduct research on new air conditioner installations and contact a licensed contractor.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a new AC unit for your home:


It’s important to consider your budget before a new air conditioner installation. You have to buy the AC unit and still pay a licensed contractor for the installation. While you might naturally gravitate toward cheaper AC systems to save money, this isn’t always the best long-term cooling option for your home. More expensive AC units typically use the right amount of energy to cool your home, yet help lower your electric bill at the same time. Cheaper air conditioning units don’t have great efficiency nor do they have the best longevity and durability. So you’ll end up spending more money on repair (or replacement) in the long run.


An air conditioning unit that is too small won’t efficiently cool your home. This could lead to your unit overworking itself and thus, potentially raising your energy bill. Yet an AC that is too large will cool the air too quickly, which makes it unable to effectively dehumidify the air. The size of your new AC is also important because it will determine where in your home an HVAC technician will install it.


Having an expert install your new AC system will ensure that there are no leaks between joints or anywhere else within the duct system. If the joints aren’t properly sealed, cool air won’t stay in the rooms within your home. Efficient ductwork will reduce the chances of cool air leaking into the environment.


A skilled HVAC technician will make sure your new AC system has the manufacturer’s recommended levels of refrigerant. If your AC unit doesn’t have sufficient levels of refrigerant, it will blow out lukewarm or warm air. As a result, the system won’t meet target temperatures and will thus, work harder to cool your home. This can drive up energy costs.


Your AC must have proper airflow to meet your home’s temperature needs. The air circulating in your system shouldn’t move too slow and neither should it move too fast. An AC with improper airflow can cause various problems including hot and cold spots throughout your home, little to no air coming from the system, and warm air coming from the system. Your HVAC technician will ensure that your AC unit is the right size for your home, has sufficient levels of refrigerant, has an updated design, and has an efficient duct system to maintain good airflow within your system.


Purchasing an energy efficient AC unit is crucial to decreasing your electricity bill. The energy efficiency rating, or the EER rating, will help you determine an AC unit that is both cost-effective and energy efficient. A system with a high rating will have more energy efficiency and vice versa. The most energy efficient air conditioner will put out the highest possible amount of energy (to cool your home) at the lowest possible cost.

Are you considering a new AC installation to ward off the scorching Florida heat? At American Air Cares, we have performed high-quality air conditioner installations along the Treasure Coast for over 25 years. If you have any questions about our AC services in Port St. Lucie, and surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to call.


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